addon_the_block Erai | Engage, relate, aspire and innovate in your work!

Our education consultancy services
help you to tailor programs that:

Engage with different contexts, cultures and
learning styles
Relate to learners and their lifeworlds through
purposeful, connected curriculum
Aspire to quality, futures-oriented, articulated
Languages programs
Innovate to develop capacity in a networked
global society


“Cynthia particularly aimed to tailor rigorous
inquiry-based programs .. to develop inter-culturally adept Languages students able to collaborate, problem solve and innovate.”
Dirk Wellham, Deputy Headmaster (Academic)
Anglican Church Grammar School


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Let us help you engage, relate, aspire and innovate in your work!

We understand the complexities of diverse modern student cohorts, the challenges of recognising and valuing what they bring to their learning, and the need for educators to be nimble amidst increasing systemic demands.  In-depth experience in many settings from Prep to Year 12 drives our practical, agile perspective, and shows how a focus on meaningful social interaction in inquiry learning is more likely to produce student success than constantly tested form-focused instruction. Using tried-and-true ideas and teaching tips, a deep knowledge of using authentic materials in Languages classes, and appreciation of age-appropriate pedagogies, we help you develop thinking, linguistically competent and interculturally literate students ready for the global environment.