erai (eh-ra-i) , a Japanese word meaning “great”, is our philosophy and our promise to you. In combination with the fan logo, the word represents an aspiration to grow and excel in our endeavours.

We specialise in collaborating to develop dynamic intercultural Languages programs and in promoting a reflective stance in Languages educators.



Cynthia has a history of intercultural engagement spanning careers in primary industry, investment analysis, tourism and education. Her aspirational view of education is informed by a strong grasp of big picture issues filtered through the pragmatism born of 25 years of classroom practice aimed at transformative learning.

Cynthia’s engagement at the innovative edge of quality Languages education has been informed by action research within her own and others’ practice, and involvement in key national projects.  This spirit of inquiry has helped her develop rich perspectives which have influenced leadership approaches, informed pedagogy, and contributed to vibrant educator networks committed to the growth of engaging, viable and valuable intercultural programmes.

Cynthia maintains registered teacher status with the Queensland College of Teachers.

She is currently researching the development of intercultural capability in Senior Languages students.

For further details, refer to Cynthia’s resume. resume_Cynthia Dodd_Jan_2018



Director – Cynthia Dodd