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Intercultural Literacy

One sometimes wonders how one stumbled upon pivotal quotes. One reads them, pauses, reads them again, and realises how deceptively simple they appeared upon first reading. Here is one such quote:

What we do in the world is circumscribed by the way we see things. Equally, the way we see the world is determined by what we are able to do in it. 
Richard Hames – author,”The Five Literacies of Global Leadership”

Our challenge – how do we educate our young to see the world in ways which enable them to do things which bridge difference and grow collaboration for a sustainable future? 

This is a matter of the explicit teaching of values, and one of the best vehicles for this in schools is quality, sustained languages learning. Provided teachers apply the principles of intercultural language learning (visit), the way students see the worlds of their foreign language counterparts must be enhanced, with attendant greater engagement and capacity to interact appropriately in other cultures.

With judicious long term planning and resourcing, expert teaching, quality leadership advocacy and support over time in the Languages area, students potentially will be more empowered through this than through any other area of the curriculum.

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