Consultation with school leaders

Whether you are a Principal, cluster leader or curriculum head, and whether your Languages program is solid, struggling or non-existent, erai can work with you to tailor new, improved and enlivened programs.


Languages Centres

At erai, we tailor programs fit for your context based on our:

  •  practical classroom experience

  •  history of leadership of Languages programs in diverse settings

  • expertise in the design of connected, enquiry-based, articulated curriculum from P to 12

  • strong skills in networking with local communities to advocate and access inputs.

Support to improve teacher and student retention in Languages

Perhaps you have a solid Languages program, but are failing to retain students beyond the compulsory stage. Perhaps your Languages teacher or program are struggling, but you are unsure how to address your Languages teachers’ professional development and support needs as you plan for appropriate professional learning opportunities and for school resourcing and timetabling. Maybe you need assistance with Languages aspects of TRS triennial school reviews, or with the conceptualisation, development or enactment of a vibrant and effective intercultural exchange program.

Experience in multiple settings has shown that the particular context’s influences on student motivation, engagement and persistence in learning languages are critical. The Principal who has learnt/is learning another language; who supports Languages learning through taking an active interest in the program and through the example he/she sets for students, other staff and parents in this area; who advocates for Languages in the school community; who ensures Languages are adequately supported in terms of time allocation, financial and physical resources; who ensures Languages teachers receive ongoing quality professional development; and who encourages the development of quality intercultural language exchange programs for their intrinsic worth sets an enormously powerful example, and is very likely to have a successful Languages program. Refer to

We have a history of successful, creative, learner-centred classroom practice which engaged and retained students with rigorous problem based curriculum; of challenging students cognitively; of developing reflective capacity; of connecting the classroom to learners’ lifeworlds and to communities beyond school; of differentiating programs based on learning styles, and individuating learning through the judicious use of ICTs.


Cynthia continues to be an enthusiast for language learning and applies a creative flair to the planning, teaching and assessment of languages.  She…. can be relied upon to develop ideas and practical strategies that work with even the most reluctant learners.”. Joceyln Roberts – Principal, Holland Park SHS; vice-President, Queensland Secondary Principals’ Association   Download All Testimonials